TNG 7×08 Attached

Every time I watch this episode, I wish something more had happened. I like to think they showered together when they got back to the enterprise, but what’s with the whole “and maybe we should” comment from Beverly? Oh well at least they eventually got married. When I watch this episode I’m reminded of my […]

DS9 waiting for 4K Blu Ray?

I feel like something is missing from my life… #DS9onblurayplease #VGRonblurayplease The only good thing about a delay in a remastered version of DS9 would be if they did it in 4K Blu Ray. The format is coming out later in 2015 (the future) better that than DS9 season 1-3 say Blu Ray then 4-7 […]

Netflix Rumored to get exclusive new Star Trek series

According to If this does happen, and they release the seasons like House of Cards 13 or so all at once, I will be taking 3 days off work to watch them. And I got dibs on the podcast. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but it has been 10 years since […]