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Always remember “Yes And…”
Guest must watch episode or movie before recording (notes recommended)
Guest must have a way to watch episode or movie silently during recording

Guests are encouraged to record Audio on their end as well as backup.

Trekaholic: Another Star Trek Podcast

Recorded live to card (minimal editing)

Approximately 1 to 1.5 hours. If Movie then longer.

Albie welcomes guest co-host

Guest tells about themselves and how they got into star trek

Their favorite episode from each series

Short episode synopses read by either host

First impressions of chosen or randomly selected episode

———-BREAK———- (time to pee or get a drink)

Start watching episode together, main discussion while watching

Episode watch is in real time so listeners can watch along

After episode ends, finish conversation

———-BREAK———- (time to pee or get a drink)

Final Episode thoughts


Trek and Tell (have something Star Trek? Show it off in front of the whole class)

Ratings ?/10 silly objects from this episode to be reveled to each other on show
example – “7 boxes of Tribbles breakfast cereal”

Guest Plugs – Where can viewers find you and buy your stuff?

Thank guest, wrap up say goodbye




Here is an example of the show