We met Rod Roddenberry!!

Rod Roddenberry was so nice to me, my wife and daughter. He spent time with us and was so nice. We talked about Trek Nation his film available on http://www.roddenberry.com/ and we talked about the mission log podcast I was exited to tell him I’m listening to it but kinda ashamed I’m not caught up. He confirmed that they were going to do a podcast for EVERY episode of trek. So way cool. It’s a great time to start listening to catch up. I also attended an independent filmmaking panel he was a part of earlier in the day, I learned a lot. I am an aspiring film maker so for me, it was very interesting.
Find out more about Trek Nation at http://www.roddenberry.com/
And the Mission Log podcast at http://missionlogpodcast.com/


Megacon 2013

Well we’re here in Orlando, Florida to be a part of Megacon 2013 and see a reunion of 9 cast members of Star Trek: The Next Generation. We are at the hotel getting ready and today we are dressing in a firefly theme and baby Serenity starts us off in this photo. Be sure to follow our weekend right here.