Mission Log 124

(null) This was the first time I didn’t have time to listen to Mission Log when it came out, and it was on one of my favorite episodes, Elementary, Dear Data. Great show guys, and only a few days to the next show.

Mission Log 098 Let’s Get Naked

nakednow_hd_043I have really been enjoying Mission Log lately. Mission Log 096 Star Trek VI I agreed with both John and Ken’s points. I have to say despite The Undiscovered Country being “not true” to Star Treks ideals, it’s a damn good movie and a great way to finish out TOS. My favorite part of VI has to be the music, I absolutely love it.

The latest supplemental 018, Part B of the interview with Michael & Denise Okuda was a nice surprise. It was great to hear even more from them. As I’ve said before, I’m a big Okuda fan, and the audio quality was much improved from part A. I LOLed when Ken described the how and why of the audio quality.

Mission Log 097 Encounter at Farpoint was a great show, and like Ken, I had a little bit of an emotional moment starting Star Trek: The Next Generation once more, knowing I’m going to experience the journey all over again. When Picard walks around the new Galaxy Class Starship and looks out that window I’m 12 years old again, bright eyed and ready to go wherever this new ship will take me.

I just have to say at this point, I can’t get enough of John Champion and Ken Ray. Great choices Rod. I even followed them to The Ready Room, which is good and bad. The good: it was nice hearing them in a less structured format. The bad: I might have to add The Ready Room podcast to my subscriptions. I even checked out Mac OS Ken while waiting for MLOG 098 to be released. farpoint_hd_055

On a personal note, I have been very busy lately with my own show and getting ready for my first panel at Dragon Con AND my new kickstarter.   But it has now become a tradition for me, that at 2:55 am on Wednesday night/Thursday morning, I stop whatever I’m doing, I turn the lights off, sit on my couch, put my earpods in and open my Podcast App on my iPhone 5s and keep pulling down on the Mission Log feed at 3:00 AM until the show appears. I don’t think I’m an obsessed fan as much as, this is my Star Trek Time, and everything else can wait.

OK, now, Mission Log 098 The Naked… um Now. This is the first MLOG in a while that I have listened to without watching the episode again beforehand (because of the aforementioned business) I have probably seen The Naked Now a ridiculous amount of times, because even as a child I recorded the TNG shows and would watch them back again and again in order before the next show would air. So for the longest time it would go something like this; first week TNG 1×01, 1×01 then second week 1×01, 1×02 then the third week 1×01, 1×02, 1×03 and so on. You get the idea. AnyQ back to my point, I was able to get right into the episode like I had just watched it yesterday, which I should have.

Thanks to John and Ken, I had thoughts about The Naked Time… er Now that I have never had before. I Sh*# you not, but while they were talking about why Data would be fully functional I had a flash in my Mind’s Eye of Doctor Noonian Soong holding Data’s… ahh… junk in his hand and testing it out to verify it was indeed fully functional.

Next time I have my Star Trek time, MLOG will be talking about Code of Honor, which at Megacon in Orlando two years ago, the entire TNG cast was very outspoken about that episode being the worst one of the series (I think it’s Too Short a Season myself). They even called it a racist episode. I never saw that, I think if you view the episode colorblind, the Ligonians could have been cerulean blue and it wouldn’t have changed anything. I may be wrong and I look forward to hearing what John and Ken have to say about the subject.

Thanks guys for the great work, oh and did I win a Transporter?

It’s all I have

ML-ST5I can not disagree with the things said in Mission Log 095.

I liked that they weren’t just piling on William Shatner like a lot of people do. I think what John and Ken said were valid points. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
can be looked at in different ways.

The first way is a movie about finding God and then not finding him. This makes both Theists and Non-theists uncomfortable at least, and totally uninterested or mad at worst.

The other, and this is the way I choose to view it as, is just having fun seeing the old crew again. I laugh at the same parts Ken does. The computer voice was funny.

I always enjoy John’s trivia and Ken’s reaction to it. It seems like Ken isn’t a bonus feature kind of guy, which works out for this podcast. If both hosts knew everything about the behind the scenes goings on, then it wouldn’t sound as conversational and real.

The bad about the movie is the horrible premise and the lack of ending. To go from a huge Kirk/Rock Creature battle to a moaning head and a round of “Row, Row Row Your Boat” is a little different.

I don’t think all the blame is on Shatner. If the FX people had been able to accomplish the vision the filmmakers intended it might have been different. Would it have been enough for it to save ST5?… probably not, but it might have made it mediocre enough to not be considered the worst of the film series (I would still rather watch 5 than 1 myself).

On a personal note, 5 was the first movie I ever heard in stereo at home, I was incredibly impressed and thought it could never get better than that -cut to years later watching Into Darkness at an IMAX.

I did learn that I like the message that The Final Frontier was trying to convey, (as I understand it at the moment) thanks to John giving me a new and better perspective on the intentions of the film’s moral lessen.

I’m really happy the original cast didn’t end their mission here, it would been a very unsatisfying destination to such an amazing trek.

Time to dive into the mystery that is Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
with only one stop along the way, eBay to get a Marshmellon dispenser.



Double dumbass on you! Mission Log 094 STIV

ML-94Another great show by all. Also… Hay, I liked The Adventures of Pluto Nash
😀 I had no idea Jane Wiedlin from Go-Gos was in Star Trek 4, I have to watch it again. I understand John and Ken tiptoeing around the environmental message in this movie. Anytime you talk about reason over superstition you are either going to lose listeners or get a lot of email. I face this issue on my own podcast. I think more so because Quantum Leap has a fantasy element to it where Star Trek is more science based. And I wouldn’t say this on my show either, but thinking a magic man will somehow clean up our planet, to use an analogy, is like messing your room up as a child and waiting for a god to clean it up for you. I think what we all need to do more is when someone has a bass ackwards opinion because of whatever Faith they believe in is to ask them flat out if they believe in magic and superstition. It seems we as a culture have been able to get rid of our crazy pre-science beliefs, save one. If they say it’s not magic or supernatural, ask them to explain why and watch in amazement how their face gets a blank look and they become extremely confused, frustrated and walk away. People care more about continuing ignorance, when I think a lot of them truly know better, than doing what’s right for our planet and future generations. Yes, it is a Spock copy, so he isn’t really our Spock, he is just as much Spock as a post transport Spock though. Also, why does he remember what he said after he put his Katra in McCoy?

Cuttlefish are very alien. Loved the Dark Willow reference. On the subject of whales in captivity, I think the real question is (I learned this from the last Mission Log) do animals have rights or not? In my opinion they should have the freedom to live where and how they want. To be upset the way whales are treated at Sea World while walking around eating a turkey leg is hypocritical. If you are going to have pets, that’s where you side on the issue. Size is irrelevant. I always thought that there were more humpback whales in the probe, idk why I thought that, but that was always my thinking. Money is not real. Weather it’s paper, digital or gold pressed latinum. The only reason it’s valued is that other people value it, because other people value it… Because, well you see what I mean. To me money is the thing that makes my daughter cry in the morning because I have to leave for work instead of having more imaginary tea (her recipe is amazing BTW). So that was my opinion in the topics raised in this show.
The episode over all felt really good. Seems like they enjoyed recording it, and you can tell.
Star Trek IV was the first Trek film I saw in the theater, I was eleven and it was the best movie I had seen to that point, it’s still in my top ten at number eight, right behind A Very Long Engagement
Looking forward to MLOG 95, and go easy on the Shat Man. 😀

PS Has anyone noticed that the Mission Log episode numbers are aligned with the movie numbers? A coincidence or just pure genius?

Mission Log 092 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Nailed it. Great show. I wasn’t disappointed at all. Listening to MLOG 092 was like having a great conversation with two other people who love the same movie I do. Kahn Ray was perfect, also would make a great Dracula voice as well.
I have never seen Battle Beyond the Stars, it’s on the list now. Before Blu Ray, I thought Kahn had a prosthetic chest, because of the amazing pecs and the necklace. In high definition though, it’s clearly Ricardo Montauban’s skin. I never noticed that Kahn’s men were so much younger than they should have been. I’m hoping it doesn’t effect my suspension of disbelief next time I watch the film.
I don’t know where John gets his trivia, but job well done sir. I have seen and heard all the bonus features on all the different releases of Wrath of Kahn, and yet John came up with stuff I have never heard before. Glad there was no Baby Kahn, The Reliant couldn’t have exploded then. The subject of Spock having to die being in Lenard Nimoy’s contract came up, and this is something I’ve heard both sides of repeatedly. On the WOK Blu Ray VAM Mr Nimoy adamantly denies it being in his contract, and I remember reading the same thing in his book I am Spock, so idk what to believe.

I’m very glad it took this long to get to Star Trek II, John and Ken get better with each episode. I think they are really hitting their stride, and just in time for the movies and Next Gen. I’m sure it also helps to have something so awesome to talk about. Thanks to all involved in the Mission Log Podcast.

Mission Log 091

20140613-224531-81931705.jpg Ken Unit and John Unit did a great job on this one. They had me laughing often. I liked that they were able to keep me interested in this episode. Trivia was fun, and it’s not redundant if you have just watched the Blu Ray VAM. I liked hearing about the differences between the Blu Ray and the DVD directors cut. (I’ll buy the HD version too if it’s released on BD)

Above all I think they were very honest about the good, the bad, and the ugly of TMP. I too thought something was wrong with my TV or Blu Ray player when the overture started playing, it tricks me every time. I think I’ll go back and watch the Directors cut again after both John and Ken pointed out some stuff that might make my next viewing of TMP a little more enjoyable. “What more can be said of The Motion Picture” I thought, but there was more. I think TMP is a palate cleanser, no, maybe an appetizer for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, which much like Ken, I have been waiting for since I discovered Mission Log. I have friends that will listen to the next episode that have never listened before just because WOK is one of their favorite movies. I’m a little excited… If you haven’t checked out Mission Log Podcast yet, this would make a great jumping in point. Oh, and his name is Orko.



Mission Log Supplemental 016 Phase II


First off I misunderstood last week when they said they were going to cover the time in-between TOS and TMP, I thought they were talking about the fan made episodes Phase II (formerly New Voyages). But they were talking about the actual Star Trek: Phase II that was a series that never came to fruition between TOS and TMP. My mistake, or just wishful thinking on my part.
The episode starts out with the Return of The Transporter sponsor. Use their affiliate link http://filetransporterstore.com and use the code MLOG or MLOG20 to get 10% off or $20 off and Free shipping. That’s a good deal, and they look cool. It’s worth going there just to see what they are talking about.
John and Ken’s guests are Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, authors that if I see a book by them I pick it up no question, their that good. I’ve said this before but it’s worth mentioning here, Judith and Gar speak in only a way that married couples and Binars can. They finish each other’s thoughts. It’s like the interview segments from When Harry Met Sally. I loved it. binar5
I did hear a little of the same information that I just heard on the Enterprise season 4 Blu Rays VAM, but also a lot of new information I hadn’t heard before. So for that alone, it’s worth the listen. Judith and Gar, for me are trexperts, right up there with Michael & Denise Okuda. There’s four people right there I’d like to have dinner with. -Side note, Heather and I are hoping to be the Quantum Leap equivalent of them someday.
I’m not going to relay what I learned in this episode, I think you’ll enjoy it more coming from Judith and Gar.
On the technical side, I enjoyed the intro and the wrap up. If there isn’t a wrap up, I feel like I didn’t get to cuddle afterwords. Sound quality was really good most of the time. There was a little bit of sound problems in one part, almost an echo. (The following is for members of the AV club only) I don’t know the setup they have, but my best guess is, it was the sound of Ken’s voice coming from a Skype or equivalent program on Judith and Gar’s side. I have found in these circumstances, it’s best to have hosts on either left or right channel of the soundboard and the guests on the other channel so while editing the file in post you can silence out one channel or the other to fix that. Later on you can split to mono then pan the channels closer to the center if exporting in stereo. I learned this because in my interviews, I have a bad habit of thinking the guest have finished their thought, when they haven’t and I jump back in too early, but now I can cut that out. Again, I don’t know their setup, but I think Ken and John are on different sides of the country so this could be difficult without doing a double ender.
The most important part is that Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, are quality guests, and guest quality is Always, Always is more important than sound quality. Case in point, Nichelle Nichols and her jewelry. Podcast guests are doing us all a favor sharing their stories with us, so the little background noises here or there are just added ambience.
I’m still holding out for shows on the other Phase II and Continues, maybe in 14 years or so 😀TMP-SLV_LD
Time to get out Star Trek: The Motion Picture, I own it on VHS, Laserdisc, DVD, and Blu Ray and maybe CED and the novelization. If I need a nap I’ll pop in the special longer version. It would be great if the MLOG on TMP is 143 minutes long but 100 minutes of it was just music, and maybe descriptions of the outside of the newly refitted NCC1701.
Great job again guys! Keep up the amazing work, it is very appreciated.


We’ve got Nerd!

20140531-132157-48117124.jpgMission Log Supplemental 15 with Curtis Armstrong from Revenge Of The Nerds and Moonlighting fame, and Kayla Lafrance from King of the Nerds Season two. While Curtis Armstrong is a well accomplished actor, the kid in me shouted “Booger!” When I heard him introduced. I’m a big fan of his work, and me being a Netflix-Amazon Prime-iTunes kind of guy I don’t watch commercials and I had no idea there was a show about my people called King of the Nerds! Two seasons in fact and George Takei is on two episodes. So I got some TV to watch 😀
Mr. Armstrong is a good get as a guest for the podcast. It was great to hear about his love for Sherlock Holmes, which I share, thanks to Data’s fondness for the holodeck adventures of Holmes, although I have to admit I’m one of the people that haven’t read the books yet, however now I am inspired to. I need something to put on my nook now that I finished Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore: A Novel. There wasn’t a lot of Trek Talk in this episode, which is fine, it’s a supplemental, and it’s great to hear people who love Star Trek and about their other interests. I did like Curtis’ story about his first convention. I had an experience similar to his, except there was only one guest, Mr. Takei.

They talk a little about Star Trek (2009) and Into Darkness and I like that Ken stands up for it. It’s not my favorite Trek, but any Star Trek is better than no Star Trek. Except for TNG Too Short a Season, that’s not so good. If you don’t normally check out the Supplementals, try this one, it’s great. I did miss the computer voice and the credits though. I’m eagerly anticipating next week.