DS9 waiting for 4K Blu Ray?

I feel like something is missing from my life… #DS9onblurayplease #VGRonblurayplease The only good thing about a delay in a remastered version of DS9 would be if they did it in 4K Blu Ray. The format is coming out later in 2015 (the future) better that than DS9 season 1-3 say Blu Ray then 4-7 […]

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

I really had a hard time watching this. It’s like watching a movie in slow motion. Maybe it was my Frame of Mind. But about a third of the way in I started it over and turned on the commentary track. The two combined helped me maintain my interest level. Does this make me a […]

Check this video out

We visit CBS Digital in Los Angeles to check out their restoration work on the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” TV series, all completed on Flame, Flare, Smoke, Lustre, and Inferno.