Beverly Leech – the actress who played Dayla, a female Kraylor, in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Nightingale”. She also voiced the character Yraxys in the 2001 video game Star Trek: Away Team.





Carolyn Seymour – is a British actress who appeared in five Star Trek television episodes across two spin-off series.

Subcommander Tarisfirst-contact-hd-072-1024x769
TNG: “Contagion”

Mirasta Yale
TNG: “First Contact”

Commander Toreth
TNG: “Face of the Enemy”

Mrs. Templeton
VOY: “Cathexis”, “Persistence of Vision”



Velton Ray Bunch – composed the music for thirteen episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise. And won an Emmy for “Similitude” for Best Dramatic Underscore.

“Silent Enemy” (Season 1)RayBunch-web
“Desert Crossing”
“Marauders” (Season 2)
“Extinction” (Season 3)
“The Council”
“Home” (Season 4)
“The Augments”


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