Mission Log 091

Ken Unit and John Unit did a great job on this one. They had me laughing often. I liked that they were able to keep me interested in this episode. Trivia was fun, and it’s not redundant if you have just watched the Blu Ray VAM. I liked hearing about the differences between the Blu Ray […]

Mission Log Supplemental 016 Phase II

First off I misunderstood last week when they said they were going to cover the time in-between TOS and TMP, I thought they were talking about the fan made episodes Phase II (formerly New Voyages). But they were talking about the actual Star Trek: Phase II that was a series that never came to fruition […]

We’ve got Nerd!

Mission Log Supplemental 15 with Curtis Armstrong from Revenge Of The Nerds and Moonlighting fame, and Kayla Lafrance from King of the Nerds Season two. While Curtis Armstrong is a well accomplished actor, the kid in me shouted “Booger!” When I heard him introduced. I’m a big fan of his work, and me being a […]

Mission Log 090 Review

Saturday Morning Number Eleven Loved the backward intro! It was something I was hoping for, and they did it. 😀 Kinda like how I want every book, TV show and movie to end the same as Star Trek: Voyager “Year of Hell”, doesn’t usually happen, but this happened. For the non-tech savvy out there Ken […]