Big Hero 6

We just saw Big Hero 6. There is a little Star Trek in everything. Zefram Cochrane himself, James Cromwell played Robert Callaghan. Also Alan Tudyk was in it too. Very good story and great 3D. Check it out.

Starship Farragut

A must watch… from … STAR TREK began its voyage into the final frontier over forty years ago. Starship Farragut continues Gene Roddenberry’s legacy with llive-action, animated, and comic book adventures. We have assembled Star Trek alum and key entertainment industry professionals to help us provide quality, Classic Trek…NOW! Principal cast for Starship Farragut includes John […]


We went to dinner at The Outback in Fort Myers FL and while we were waiting, another couple had two sons and we noticed one of them was named Riker, Heather and I looked at each other and said that would be cool if he was named after William Riker. The kids were introducing themselves […]

A message from LeVar Burton

DAY 15: My Star Trek Friends Are Joining Our Mission! 73 comments  Like 264 likes  PLAY Good morning, y’all! We’ve had two amazing weeks so far, and we’re on the way to reaching our first stretch goal of $5,000,000. But now, we’re getting to the hard part. Together, we met our first goal so fast that a […]