Starship Farragut 1×03 “The Price Of Anything”

Title: “The Price Of Anything”
Production Number: 003
Release Dates: Premiered 12/6/2012.

Mission Summary: Captain Carter is reunitned with his estranged father for an important mission to secretly transport a plant that holds the vaccine for a disease that hit hard in the Federation. While enroute to Cerronos IV, their shuttle craft collides with a Romulan scout vessel and crash lands on a deserted planet. While Captain Carter and his father are working to survive on the planet, the Farragut gets attacked by another Romulan vessel. Can the captain make it off the planet with the valuable Nektoss plant? Will Commander Tacket defeat his Romulan adversary?

Starship Farragut

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STAR TREK began its voyage into the final frontier over forty years ago. Starship Farragut continues Gene Roddenberry’s legacy with llive-action, animated, and comic book adventures. We have assembled Star Trek alum and key entertainment industry professionals to help us provide quality, Classic Trek…NOW!

Principal cast for Starship Farragut includes John Broughton, Michael Bednar, and Holly Bednar. Hollywood entertainment professionals who have guest starring roles include Chris Doohan, Chase Masterson, Tim Russ, Vic Mignogna, Todd Haberkorn, Kurt Carley, Gina Hernandez and Cheralyn Lambeth. Together with a dedicated, professional crew staff, we continue to produce original stories based on the frame work of The Original Series of Star Trek. Damn the Torpedoes, Warp Speed Ahead!

Phaser Blast from the past

The first few Star Trek movies and some episodes were put out in this format. Capacitance Electronic Disc or CED.
The Capacitance Electronic Disc (CED) is an analog video disc playback system developed by RCA, in which video and audio could be played back on a TV set using a special needle and high-density groove system similar to phonograph records.
Yes a movie on an LP basically.
As for quality, think the worst VHS tape quality plus it skips. But evolution has to start somewhere.




Star Trek: The Motion Picture

I really had a hard time watching this. It’s like watching a movie in slow motion. Maybe it was my Frame of Mind. But about a third of the way in I started it over and turned on the commentary track. The two combined helped me maintain my interest level. Does this make me a bad Trekaholic? I have seen this movie probably about 25 times. It’s ok, but not great. The music is great, the characters are great, the writing is non-existent or at worst a copy/paste of previous Trek stories. I have seen a 90 minute reedit of TMP and it is a lot better. I don’t skip it when going through trek, but knowing Wrath of Kahn is next, there really is no comparison.