My interview with Scott Bakula

This interview was done for my Quantum Leap Podcast and has a spoiler level of “Mirror Image”. SCOTT BAKULA has been recognized for his work in a variety of mediums, from feature films to television to musical theatre and more. Bakula is now starring as the lead agent for “NCIS: New Orleans.” As ‘NCIS Special Agent […]

ENT 4×21 Terra Prime

A great episode. I love the Archer speech at the end. The final scene where Trip and T’pol talk about Elizabeth is heartbreaking. Taggart’s Syndrome I believe is genetic because John Frederick Paxton looks a whole lot like another Taggart I Know. The end action sequence seemed a little Total Recall like, I enjoyed that […]

ENT 4×20 Demons

A good two parter for Enterprise to go out on. It’s nice to see Peter Weller, even if he is a bad guy. The commentary on this one with Connor Trinneer and Dominic Keating was a little meandering but appreciated. It’s always good to see Anthony Montgomery do more.