My interview with Scott Bakula

This interview was done for my Quantum Leap Podcast and has a spoiler level of “Mirror Image”. SCOTT BAKULA has been recognized for his work in a variety of mediums, from feature films to television to musical theatre and more. Bakula is now starring as the lead agent for “NCIS: New Orleans.” As ‘NCIS Special Agent […]

Velton Ray Bunch Interview

I got a chance to talk to Velton Ray Bunch for my Quantum Leap Podcast. Mr Bunch composed the music for thirteen episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise. And won an Emmy for “Similitude” for Best Dramatic Underscore. “Silent Enemy” (Season 1) “Acquisition” “Desert Crossing” “Marauders” (Season 2) “Judgment” “Extinction” (Season 3) “Exile” “Similitude” “Harbinger” “The Council” “Home” (Season […]

Interview – Carolyn Seymour – QLP

Carolyn Seymour (born November 6, 1947) is an actress who appears as Priscilla Stoltz in “A Portrait For Troian” and the evil leaper/hologram guide Zoey in three episodes of Quantum Leap, beginning in the episode “Deliver Us From Evil” in Season 5. Carolyn is perhaps best known for portraying the role of Abby Grant in the […]

Beverly Leech Interview

Beverly Leech Beverly Leech is perhaps best known for her portrayal of Kate Monday on Square One TV’s Mathnet. Her other roles in her extensive television career include Babylon 5, Alien Nation, Star Trek: Voyager “Nightingale”, northern exposure, Jag, and Modern a Family. She is also the author of ACTOR MUSCLE – Craft. Grit. Wit.: A Professional […]