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Read by Jonathan Frakes!

This book is so funny, and its a great story too. It has me laughing out loud at work and in the car, and the fact that its read Jonathan Frakes makes it all that much better. Seth MacFarlane is a huge Star Trek Fan so why not have Frakes read it. Jonathan reads my favorite Star Trek book of all time, Izadi. This is great! I got this because I wanted to see the movie, but I didnt have the time. I’m glad I did. I’ll get the movie on Blu Ray, but for now the book is great. The main character is named Albert like me. There’s a guy named Geordi in the book, and did i mention Jonathan Freekin’ Frakes! 😀 I hope to see a re-dubbed version of Frame Of Mind some day using some of the expletives in this book. Someone out there please say “challenge accepted”download