TNG season 7 BD

IMG_1659.JPG I have been going through all the bonus features of season seven and All Good Things. Great VAM, I especially liked the documentaries and commentaries. The Brannon Braga and Ronald D Moore commentary for AGT was a great way to wrap up the series. Now to watch Decent Pt 1…


DS9 waiting for 4K Blu Ray?

I feel like something is missing from my life… #DS9onblurayplease #VGRonblurayplease

IMG_1650.JPG The only good thing about a delay in a remastered version of DS9 would be if they did it in 4K Blu Ray. The format is coming out later in 2015 (the future) better that than DS9 season 1-3 say Blu Ray then 4-7 4K Blu Ray. Idk, either way I still want them.