Starship Farragut 1×03 “The Price Of Anything”

Title: “The Price Of Anything”
Production Number: 003
Release Dates: Premiered 12/6/2012.

Mission Summary: Captain Carter is reunitned with his estranged father for an important mission to secretly transport a plant that holds the vaccine for a disease that hit hard in the Federation. While enroute to Cerronos IV, their shuttle craft collides with a Romulan scout vessel and crash lands on a deserted planet. While Captain Carter and his father are working to survive on the planet, the Farragut gets attacked by another Romulan vessel. Can the captain make it off the planet with the valuable Nektoss plant? Will Commander Tacket defeat his Romulan adversary?

Starship Farragut

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STAR TREK began its voyage into the final frontier over forty years ago. Starship Farragut continues Gene Roddenberry’s legacy with llive-action, animated, and comic book adventures. We have assembled Star Trek alum and key entertainment industry professionals to help us provide quality, Classic Trek…NOW!

Principal cast for Starship Farragut includes John Broughton, Michael Bednar, and Holly Bednar. Hollywood entertainment professionals who have guest starring roles include Chris Doohan, Chase Masterson, Tim Russ, Vic Mignogna, Todd Haberkorn, Kurt Carley, Gina Hernandez and Cheralyn Lambeth. Together with a dedicated, professional crew staff, we continue to produce original stories based on the frame work of The Original Series of Star Trek. Damn the Torpedoes, Warp Speed Ahead!

Mission Log 098 Let’s Get Naked

nakednow_hd_043I have really been enjoying Mission Log lately. Mission Log 096 Star Trek VI I agreed with both John and Ken’s points. I have to say despite The Undiscovered Country being “not true” to Star Treks ideals, it’s a damn good movie and a great way to finish out TOS. My favorite part of VI has to be the music, I absolutely love it.

The latest supplemental 018, Part B of the interview with Michael & Denise Okuda was a nice surprise. It was great to hear even more from them. As I’ve said before, I’m a big Okuda fan, and the audio quality was much improved from part A. I LOLed when Ken described the how and why of the audio quality.

Mission Log 097 Encounter at Farpoint was a great show, and like Ken, I had a little bit of an emotional moment starting Star Trek: The Next Generation once more, knowing I’m going to experience the journey all over again. When Picard walks around the new Galaxy Class Starship and looks out that window I’m 12 years old again, bright eyed and ready to go wherever this new ship will take me.

I just have to say at this point, I can’t get enough of John Champion and Ken Ray. Great choices Rod. I even followed them to The Ready Room, which is good and bad. The good: it was nice hearing them in a less structured format. The bad: I might have to add The Ready Room podcast to my subscriptions. I even checked out Mac OS Ken while waiting for MLOG 098 to be released. farpoint_hd_055

On a personal note, I have been very busy lately with my own show and getting ready for my first panel at Dragon Con AND my new kickstarter.   But it has now become a tradition for me, that at 2:55 am on Wednesday night/Thursday morning, I stop whatever I’m doing, I turn the lights off, sit on my couch, put my earpods in and open my Podcast App on my iPhone 5s and keep pulling down on the Mission Log feed at 3:00 AM until the show appears. I don’t think I’m an obsessed fan as much as, this is my Star Trek Time, and everything else can wait.

OK, now, Mission Log 098 The Naked… um Now. This is the first MLOG in a while that I have listened to without watching the episode again beforehand (because of the aforementioned business) I have probably seen The Naked Now a ridiculous amount of times, because even as a child I recorded the TNG shows and would watch them back again and again in order before the next show would air. So for the longest time it would go something like this; first week TNG 1×01, 1×01 then second week 1×01, 1×02 then the third week 1×01, 1×02, 1×03 and so on. You get the idea. AnyQ back to my point, I was able to get right into the episode like I had just watched it yesterday, which I should have.

Thanks to John and Ken, I had thoughts about The Naked Time… er Now that I have never had before. I Sh*# you not, but while they were talking about why Data would be fully functional I had a flash in my Mind’s Eye of Doctor Noonian Soong holding Data’s… ahh… junk in his hand and testing it out to verify it was indeed fully functional.

Next time I have my Star Trek time, MLOG will be talking about Code of Honor, which at Megacon in Orlando two years ago, the entire TNG cast was very outspoken about that episode being the worst one of the series (I think it’s Too Short a Season myself). They even called it a racist episode. I never saw that, I think if you view the episode colorblind, the Ligonians could have been cerulean blue and it wouldn’t have changed anything. I may be wrong and I look forward to hearing what John and Ken have to say about the subject.

Thanks guys for the great work, oh and did I win a Transporter?