I’ve been waiting for this

In following along with Mission Log Podcast I have been almost salivating to watch TNG again, and this is the start of something extraordinary. This will be probably be about the tenth time through next gen for me. This time I will choose to watch it with the idea that the whole 7 seasons are […]

Velton Ray Bunch Interview

I got a chance to talk to Velton Ray Bunch for my Quantum Leap Podcast. Mr Bunch composed the music for thirteen episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise. And won an Emmy for “Similitude” for Best Dramatic Underscore. “Silent Enemy” (Season 1) “Acquisition” “Desert Crossing” “Marauders” (Season 2) “Judgment” “Extinction” (Season 3) “Exile” “Similitude” “Harbinger” “The Council” “Home” (Season […]