TNG 6×05 Schisms

I really like this episode, I think mainly for Data’s pome and Frakes’ hair. I feel like Riker every morning, as if I just went to bed, that’s why I don’t like going to bed, it’s like deciding to end my night, wake up and go back to work. It’s nice to see in stunning […]

TNG 6×02 Realm Of Fear

I don’t blame Barkley for being afraid. He died 4 times in this episode alone. Also I noticed that Geordi La Forge doesn’t follow Wheaton’s law when he’s in his engineering department. He treats Barkley, lieut. Picard and Scotty, Gomez and others like crap. Maybe that’s why he had trouble finding someone.

TNG 6×15 Tapestry BD commentary

These commentaries are really enjoyable. Ronald D Moore, Michael and Denise Okuda are just super relaxed and genuine. I love finding out about the story behind the story. It’s great to hear what Ron would do with his own series 😉