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20140531-132157-48117124.jpgMission Log Supplemental 15 with Curtis Armstrong from Revenge Of The Nerds and Moonlighting fame, and Kayla Lafrance from King of the Nerds Season two. While Curtis Armstrong is a well accomplished actor, the kid in me shouted “Booger!” When I heard him introduced. I’m a big fan of his work, and me being a Netflix-Amazon Prime-iTunes kind of guy I don’t watch commercials and I had no idea there was a show about my people called King of the Nerds! Two seasons in fact and George Takei is on two episodes. So I got some TV to watch 😀
Mr. Armstrong is a good get as a guest for the podcast. It was great to hear about his love for Sherlock Holmes, which I share, thanks to Data’s fondness for the holodeck adventures of Holmes, although I have to admit I’m one of the people that haven’t read the books yet, however now I am inspired to. I need something to put on my nook now that I finished Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore: A Novel. There wasn’t a lot of Trek Talk in this episode, which is fine, it’s a supplemental, and it’s great to hear people who love Star Trek and about their other interests. I did like Curtis’ story about his first convention. I had an experience similar to his, except there was only one guest, Mr. Takei.

They talk a little about Star Trek (2009) and Into Darkness and I like that Ken stands up for it. It’s not my favorite Trek, but any Star Trek is better than no Star Trek. Except for TNG Too Short a Season, that’s not so good. If you don’t normally check out the Supplementals, try this one, it’s great. I did miss the computer voice and the credits though. I’m eagerly anticipating next week.


ENT 4×16 Divergence

Speed in space.

When this one aired originally, I literally cheered on my couch. Before this and the proceeding episode it always bothered me that Klingons changed their look. Even with DS9’s passing remark from a time displaced Worf “We do not discuss it with outsiders” in “Trials and Tribble-ations” I wasn’t satisfied, until now. Makes perfect sense. Great job Manny. For me this last season of Star Trek: Enterprise is almost like very well mad fan films, because it is answering all the mysteries left unsolved until then. It’s a good thing so much was wrapped up, because this would be the last Star Trek on TV for quite some time. Oh, and trip on a zip line between two starships at warp 5 is bad ass.

Mission Log 090 Review

Saturday Morning Number Eleven

20140522-193152.jpgLoved the backward intro! It was something I was hoping for, and they did it. 😀 Kinda like how I want every book, TV show and movie to end the same as Star Trek: Voyager “Year of Hell”, doesn’t usually happen, but this happened. For the non-tech savvy out there Ken says “And I’m Ken Ray. Each week on Mission Log we break Star Trek down to its basic elements. – No Way…” when he’s speaking backward. It’s always fun when listening to a podcast when the hosts take on, at least in part the situation of the topic they are covering be it weird voices, backward language or just shouting out “LORD GARTH!”. I’m looking forward to how John and Ken do TNG “The Naked Now”. By act two of Ken’s recap I was laughing out loud while driving, at the absurdity of all the convoluted premises in The Counter-Clock Incident. I wish they had an hour or two, to step by step (ooh baby) go through everything in the last episode and pull and pick it apart. Like for example, whichever way time is flowing, a circuit is either open or closed and wouldn’t change. Loved the younger higher pitched voices.

Looking forward to the supplementals and the time between TAS & TMP with Phase II. Hope they talk about the amazing Star Trek Continues.

Best Line- “Sauntering Bear”

TAS 2×06 The Counter-Clock Incident

20140521-034021.jpg .lla si tahT .taht F .yrros m’I ,reven yaw oN .hnu tnu ,noos daed gnieb dna dlo gnieb ro regnol gnivil dna gnuoy gnieb neewteb eciohc A .on ,FTW .gnidne eht rof sA
.kerT ratS erom rof deen a syawla si erehT .wohs detamina na sa RGV ro GNT ees ot evol dluow I ,seires detamina eht ekil yllaer I elohw a sA …ybab detamina na dah “slacsaR” dna “nosaes a trohs ooT” fI

TAS 2×05 How Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth

It was very fortunate that “Walking Bear” was on the bridge. The animation for Kukulkan seemed difficult and looked good. The basic plot seems a little too familiar.

If she must teem,
Create her child of spleen, that it may live
And be a thwart disnatur’d torment to her!
Let it stamp wrinkles in her brow of youth,
With cadent tears fret channels in her cheeks,
Turn all her mother’s pains and benefits
To laughter and contempt, that she may feel
How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is
To have a thankless child!

King Lear Act 1, scene 4, 281–289