Watching Star Trek: Phase II “Kitumba”
Re-watching it now. It is outstandingly good. Well worth the watch. Everyone’s hard work paid off in a big way. Story and production are top notch! The visual effects are better than TOS Remastered. James Cawley turns in his best performance yet as Kirk. This is a very worthwhile production. If this isn’t Star Trek, I don’t know what it is. Find out more and how to help here…

Watching Odyssey 5 from an Star Trek guy Manny Coto

20131231-201047.jpgManny Coto joined the writing crew of Enterprise in 2003, when the show was in its third season; his episodes include “Similitude”, “Chosen Realm” and “Azati Prime”. He became a co-executive producer later that season. In the fourth season he became executive producer of the show, alongside series creators Rick Berman and Brannon Braga. According to his bio on StarTrek.com, he has been a fan of Star Trek all his life and once wrote a Star Trek comic book.

AND Tracy Tormé!!! He is an American screenwriter and television producer. He has worked for Saturday Night Live, Odyssey 5, Sliders, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Fire in the Sky and Carnivàle. -From Wikipedia

Heather and I are really liking this so far…