At a time like this one must appreciate…

20121215-193606.jpg Star Trek: The Next Generation “Family”
After defeating the Borg, the Enterprise is docked for a major overhaul and refit at McKinley station, so the crew can take shore leave in different ways. Lieutenant Worf did not expect family visit, inappropriate for a Klingon, but his human adoptive parents, CPO Sergey Rozhenko and Helena, insist to see him and the whole ship. Dr. Crusher finds an old holographic recording from her late husband Jack, himself a Starfleet officer, for their son Wesley, now just turned 18. Captain Jean-Luc Picard, who had no leave in three years, visits the family vineyard in Labarre (France) with his traditionalist elder brother Robert, his wife Marie an their preteen son René. Local friend Louis urges Jean-Luc to consider a career change to the engineering project Atlantis, on earth. After recalling bitter memories, a fraternal mud fight finally clears the air.
(Summary from KGF Vissers IMDB)

The only next gen episode to not have a bridge scene is what I believe to be one of the first episodes of the post TOS shows that represent what the best of Star Trek is all about, focusing on people not alien or anomalies of the week. This Ronald D. Moore episode would for me, see its ultimate evolution in the reboot of Battlestar Galactica (great frakin’ show). Not to be political or preachy, but guns are bad. I think that at heart everyone knows this. Nothing good ever came from guns. People don’t use them to plant flower gardens. They are only used to hurt people or animals. In Gene Roddenberry’s future humans have for the most part moved past this senseless violence. Hopefully we as a nation and people can finally say enough is enough and it’s time for our leaders to ignore the lobbyists and say to us the people. Ok it’s time to take your toys away because you can’t play nice with others. Peace and long life.

An official fund for victims’ families, and the community as a whole, has now been established: The Sandy Hook School Support Fund, set up by the United Way of Western Connecticut will provide support services to families and the community. All donations to this fund will go directly to those affected.

The Red Cross has also been on the ground, offering food and water to first responders, and providing more than 50 units of blood to Danbury hospital where some of the victims were transported. They have set up a center for emergency grief counseling.

P!nk – Beam Me Up

I was driving to work and listening to my new Pink CD and to my surprise this song came on . It’s not Trek, but it is Trek Related.