Mirror Universe

I’ve been on a Mirror Universe kick as of late. I was going up and down the Netflix Queue trying to happen upon some inspiration as to which Star Trek to watch next, when I thought of Deep Space Nine and then I thought Mirror Kira. And with that I watched Crossover and while i was cleaning I listened to Mirror, Mirror then it was back to Terok Nor with Through the Looking Glass. Now onto Shattered Mirror and Resurrection then The Emperor’s New Cloak. I might then check out the Enterprise ones In a Mirror, Darkly one and two.  I remember when I was a teenager and I would have to wait till the local TV station would run a Star Trek marathon to do this, most of the time it was the Top Ten TOS. It’s fun to have these mini marathons 😀 Do you have any Star Trek episodes you like to watch in a certain order? There are always possibilities.

My name is (your name here) and I am a Trekaholic

My name is Albie and I am a Trekaholic… and I love it! This is going to be a place for people absolutely addicted to Star Trek. The site is way under construction now but little by little it will be built up by me and maybe even you 🙂 I’m the guy on the left. Next to me is Heather and she is a new convert. Right now we are making our way through Star Trek: The Next Generation on DVD. It is my 47th-ish time watching TNG but it is only Heather’s first. It’s exciting hearing her theory’s of what might happen. Heather watched all of Star Trek The Original Series, she skipped Star Trek: The Animated Series and went right to Next Gen. It was a little hard for her in the beginning because of the first two seasons being a little slow. Now that we are on the 4th season she is loving it. This is going to be a fun watch, We have printed out a List of all Star Trek episodes sorted by original airdate so when we get close to the end of The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine starts we will watch them in the right order. I can’t wait to see Star Trek: Voyager and Enterprise again. I was on the communicator the other night with my very good friend ZeroPain and we were just talking about random episodes of Star Trek and we were trying to blurt out random titles of Voyager and talking about them. We decided to both watch Latent Image after my iPhone lost power. It was great to watch that episode again and the Doctor dealt with his predicament and I wondered how I would react if that were happening to me.

The Star Trek List List of all Star Trek episodes sorted by original airdate .PDF also available here if above link is dead Jim 🙂 (right click and choose save link  as…)